How Do We arrange The Work for Steel Structure Building in Severe Weather?

As we all know, steel structure building is a very special industry in China, and belongs to the engineering series. The completion of the structure steel is a complicated stage, and each worker who gets the assigned work needs to complete the task in a reasonable and orderly manner in the workshop. It is necessary to consider the time, place and climate conditions. The boss of a steel construction company is most concerned about the progress of the construction, but once the rain season or humid weather comes, the construction plan must be delayed so that it can't be delivered on schedule.

Shengbang Steel structure Co., Ltd., one of the steel manufacturers,  has undertaken a project that needs a lot of labor and time to complete, which took us nearly half a year from the production of steel construction materials to transport and installation. Of course, the transportation and installation are still going on. There are no problems between the production and completion of the steel structure building materials. Unfortunately, if we encounter the Rain Water climate which has been last for a week, the project can be delayed, during this period time, we can do nothing but wait. However, some ideas comes and tell us how to work in rain weather.

Sbs steel structure

Firstly, in the rainy day, structural steel components are not supposed to be brushed.

Secondly, when hoisting steel structure engineering on rainy days, if there is stagnant water on the components, it should be cleaned before installation, but coating not be damaged. When the high strength bolt joint is installed, the friction surface should be clean and there should be no water droplets. What'more, it should not cover with dirt and oil and others.

Thirdly, when the construction site is wet, the steel structure engineering should build up temporary protective shed. Rain water must not fall on the hot weld seam, if the welding position is damp, it must be wept with dry cloth and dry with oxygen flame before welding. Besides, the joints ought to be dry and free of residual moisture.

Fourthly, it can not be roof insulation construction in rainy or more than five gale wether days .

Fifthly, in case of gale weather, column, main beam, support and other large components should be corrected immediately and fixed permanently immediately after correct position correction to prevent unilateral instability. A stable space system should be formed.

Sixthly, the welding rod storage should be moistureproof and roasted because the air is humid in rainy days. The number of repeat baking for the same electrode should not exceed two times, and it is timely recorded by the management.

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