Present Situation And Thinking Of Prefabricated Steel Structure Building

Prefabricated steel structure building is not a new thing in China, especially in the recent national policy level, the relevant policies have been implemented one after another. However, it is undeniable that the status quo seems to be quite different: on the one hand, prefabricated steel structure buildings are widely used in public buildings with high acceptance; on the other hand, prefabricated steel structure buildings are rarely used in the residential area with huge market, so it is difficult to move forward. From the perspective of technology and economy, what is the problem? Here is a brief analysis.



Building system integration

The past years of experience show that the steel structure engineer led mode is not conducive to the promotion of prefabricated steel structure buildings. This problem is not prominent in the individual design of steel structure public building, but it is very important in prefabricated steel structure residence.




The construction of prefabricated steel structure residence is a process of building system integration to realize the overall building function and meet the needs of users. More and more enterprises are shifting their focus to the idea of building system integration and building productization led by architecture specialty. In other words, this is a product development led by the product manager. Any problem that affects the function of the product may cause the product to fail to satisfy customers.


Therefore, it is necessary to abandon the traditional practice of replacing concrete structure with steel structure directly. From the perspective of system engineering, the use function and living quality of steel structure residence can be improved by taking the building function as the core, the structure layout as the basis, and the industrial enclosure and interior decoration parts as the support. It is necessary to comprehensively consider the building function, structure, enclosure, interior decoration, mechanical and electrical, to realize the coordination and integration of house type, facade, structural system, enclosure system, pipeline system, fire prevention, interior decoration and other aspects, and finally realize "building a house like a car".



Is the cost too high

The high cost is the key factor hindering the development of prefabricated steel structure buildings, especially the residential buildings. Compared with the traditional reinforced concrete structure houses, the steel structure cost is obviously higher. It seems to be a deeply rooted impression.

In fact, in recent years, the steel price has been greatly reduced, and the supporting parts industry has gradually matured and formed competition. The cost of prefabricated steel structure housing has been basically close to the traditional concrete shear wall, and the construction period is shorter, the quality is better, the assembly rate is higher, and it is easier to get the policy support that has been gradually implemented in various regions.


From the above review and analysis, it can be judged that the policy orientation, cost and technology of prefabricated steel structure building have been in a favorable situation, and the fabricated steel structure building has reached a turning point of vigorous development.


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