Preparation For Steel Structure Installation of Prefab Industrial Buildings

With the continuous development of economy, diversified architectural structures have entered our daily life. Develop prefabricated buildings such as prefabricated concrete structure, steel structure and modern wood structure according to local conditions. Steel structure prefabricated buildings are widely used in different types of fields such as industry, commerce, agriculture and so on. The fast installation method is conducive to the rapid completion of the industry and get a good development trend.



The contents and requirements of steel structure installation preparation of prefab industrial buildings are the same as those of ordinary steel structure installation works. During the construction of steel column foundation, the positioning and protection of anchor bolts shall be done well, and the top elevation of foundation and anchor bolts shall be controlled. After foundation construction, inspection and acceptance shall be carried out according to the following contents:


(1) Whether the axis position of each row and column is correct;

(2) Whether the span of each span meets the design requirements;

(3) Whether the elevation of foundation top meets the design requirements;

(4) Whether the position and elevation of anchor bolts meet the design and specification requirements.