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China's steel structure building development started relatively late, our technology or with foreign countries have a certain gap. This also led to the design of domestic architects copying copy of steel works abroad, but the level is limited, for some complex structure, high technology or can not grasp the soul of its construction. So there is no way to say that design and innovation. The reason, or the lack of domestic technology and talent, domestic designers lack of foreign advanced technology experience induction and summary. Therefore, if we want to develop our country's steel construction, we must first develop education and cultivate qualified personnel. Only when there is talent and technology, others are not problems. Of course, this is a long-term undertaking. Second, it is also our top priority now. We need to systematically organize the data, study and summarize the advanced experiences abroad, and understand the principles and design methods of control banks.

Iron and steel buildings first appeared in the Renaissance Gothic buildings, when the big artists, but also the architects Michelangelo, he designed the Roman church: St. Peter's Basilica. At that time it was nothing more than ordinary steel, which is also the greatest Renaissance building. In fact, steel building materials: steel is a very important part. Steel in the building there are three elements that can be referenced: The first is the tensile strength, followed by elongation, and finally the yield point. These three determine the height of technology. At present, China's production of this technology is still limited, especially in some key areas of timber in China is still unable to produce.


Secondly, the key point of steel construction is technical, that is, the structural system of the newly constructed building. The so-called structure is a building's load-bearing system. The structure of ancient Chinese architecture can not be completed complex, large deep buildings. So still have to learn from abroad.


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