Light steel structure building's constitution performance

With the development of age and the improvement of working condition, the nation has put forward the strict requirements for the temporary building. Light steel frame construction building is the best to improve the living condition of most people. For the construction units, building the light steel frame construction building has many advantages such as save both time and labor.


The steel structure building consists of various steel materials it mainly consists of shape steel and steel plate, steel column, steel truss and etc. The components are usually connected with each other through welding line, bolts and rivets.  Color steel application: The color steel has features of light weight, high strength, and good integral rigidity. Building materials with features of corrosion prevention and insect prevention: The galvanized iron could have better performance than the timber.                                                                                                        


After the steel structure is completed, the related person could install wires and tubes. There is no beam and column, which could enlarge the available space and simplify the fitting process. At the same time, the material and labor cost could be saved a lot. There are four structures building lightweight steel frame construction villa including light rigid frame, wall structure, floor structure and roofing structure.


In the course of building light steel frame construction house, the light rigid frame is fixed in the base and then various boards are inset into the rigid frame. In this way, the energy efficient buildings could be completed in short time. One three-layer villa with 600 square meters could be completed by only 12 people. Most mobile home manufacturers could complete the main body of the steel frame construction building and most outer and indoor decoration in less than one month. In the overall building process, the building materials could be used together. The light materials simplify the complicated construction process without using large construction machinery, which could greatly reduce the labor intensity.



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