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Protection technology

Light steel structure protection technology status quo

1. Light steel structure of the building preservation

Shengbang prefabricated workshop supplier think that Anti-corrosion of light steel structure can be divided into two parts of the corrosion protection of steel structures and corrosion protection system.

(1) corrosion of steel components

Most of the anticorrosive treatment of steel components to complete the northern part of the factory production or dry environment, you can also add a primer dry film thickness of 70-80 microns, the elimination of intermediate paint.

Corrosion treatment can be divided into rust →primer →middle paint →finish several processes to complete. According to the use of light steel structure of the building, geographical location, different climatic conditions, to determine the corrosion program and the basic requirements of each process.

Blasting (or sandblasting) steel member surface treatment generally reach the national standard Sa2.5 above, the minimum is not less than Sa2 level, the treated components within 8 hours to start brushing primer, primer commonly used red lead Alkyd rust primer, inorganic zinc-rich primer and epoxy zinc-rich primer, corrosion resistance is better zinc-rich primer, dry film zinc content can reach more than 80%, play a very good cathode Protection, prevent galvanic corrosion. Intermediate use of more than the middle of the flake-like paint, the paint film was layered arrangement, can improve the shielding effect of the coating, increased water vapor, carbon dioxide penetration resistance, played a role in enhancing the anti-corrosion effect, Acrylic paint, aliphatic polyurethane paint, or better corrosion protection epoxy paint and fluorocarbon paint.

On the status quo in our country to see the requirements of anti-corrosion process and the selection of materials, similar, and the quality of anti-corrosion coating itself, it is a big match. Different manufacturers with steel structure supplier the same paint different brands, and even steel structure manufacturers the same brand of quality and price vary greatly, because the paint manufacturers to small, scattered, low private sector accounted for a large proportion, and some non-standard steel Structural manufacturers, in order to reduce costs, at the expense of quality and selection of low-grade anti-corrosion coatings, resulting in the poor quality of the project.


(2) Envelope system preservation

Corrosion protection system, mainly part of the color plate, and its surface coating is processed in the color plate of the professional steel structure manufacturer to complete. As the design and manufacturer of light steel structure building, it mainly chooses different brands, models and surface features according to different construction purposes, different geographical locations and climatic conditions. Commonly used color plate brands and manufacturers include Shanghai Baosteel, Australia BHP Taiwan Ye Hui, South Korea Park phase and so on.


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