Large span space steel structure: information technology requires innovation


Large span space steel structure: information technology requires innovation

Along with the computer technology, information technology and the application of advanced numerical control equipment, space steel structure products need the information technology, design technology, manufacturing technology and management technology of integrated application, improve production efficiency and achieve customization, so as to improve the creative ability of space steel structure products and management level.Steel structure CAD design and CAM manufacturing technology belong to the category of computer-aided manufacturing technology, including the overall 3 d entity modeling, optimizing blanking bar and plate, steel pipe are nodes and the design, analysis and manufacture of all kinds of abnormal joints, etc.

The construction stage engineering of large-scale ceaselessly, make structure safety problem increasingly prominent. Some engineering in structural stress state is completely different from use in the process of construction stage, and even some of the engineering structure the most unfavorable stress stage appeared during construction. Installation of steel structure construction simulation technology mainly includes five aspects: the hoisting process simulation of large components;Working condition of each stage of construction process simulation;Structure installation of prestressing technology, including the components of bulging and pre displacement;Ultimately achieve the correct geometry of structure installation is completed;The structure members assembled simulation;Uninstall process simulation.Can sufficiently in advance through simulation calculation and analysis, find the weak links and key in the process of construction control, Can realize the control of the structure of the whole construction process of intuitive and eventually realize the shape of the correct size.


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