How To Prevent Corrosion Of Industrial Metal Structure Buildings ?

Under normal circumstances, the steel structure building does not corrode or corrodes slowly after adding a protective layer. The life of some buildings can reach hundreds of years, but under some conditions, the steel structure has an amazing corrosion rate, which can be rusted in a few years or less. Destruction of buildings can be done within a short period of time. The corrosion process is generally as follows: micro-cracks and holes in the protective layer of the steel structure, peeling of the protective layer, intrusion of harmful media; corrosion of the steel structure; severe corrosion of the steel structure; reduction of the performance of the steel structure and damage to the structure or components. Its anti-corrosion treatment can generally be considered from two aspects:



A. Take measures according to the corrosion level

Generally, In the steel structure building design,  the steel structure we adopt, its corrosion level can be divided into four grades: strong, medium, weak, and no. Under the condition of strong rust (a large amount of CO2, SiO2, H2S industrial environment), the corrosion rate of the material is fast, and the components and parts must be protected by surface isolation; under the condition of moderate rust, the material has a certain degree of rust, and the weight of the component can be increased. , or use simple surface protection; under weak rust conditions, the material rusts slowly, but some measures need to be taken; under no rust conditions, the material rusts very slowly or there is no obvious rust trace, and components and parts may not take protective measures.