How To Control The Quality Of Steel Structure Construction

Make preparations before the project starts

Strengthen the review of construction drawings. The drawings are the basis for the construction of the project. Before the start of the project, the project control agency should organize the control personnel to be familiar with the specifications and technical conditions related to the project drawings and the project, and fully understand the design intent.


Carefully review the steel structure installation and construction organization design. The construction organization design is a technical document for the construction unit to comprehensively guide the implementation of the project. The completeness of the construction organization design directly affects the quality and progress of the project. Therefore, the design review of the construction organization of the steel structure installation project should be targeted and focused.


Strengthen quality control during on-site construction

Do a good job in quality control of steel structure foundation projects. The foundation of steel structure engineering generally adopts concrete independent column foundation. The construction of foundation concrete, steel bar, and formwork are the same as other engineering construction procedures and methods. The embedded bolts in the foundation independent column are the focus of quality control. The spacing and height deviation between each set of bolts directly affect the installation quality of the steel structure project. We require the construction unit to strictly control the quality control process.



Quality Control of Main Steel Structure Project

Quality control of steel component installation. When installing columns and beams, mainly check whether the shim under the column bottom plate is firm and level, whether the column is vertical and displaced, the beam is vertical, straight, laterally bent, bolt tightening degree, and friction surface cleaning. After acceptance, Before lifting. When the steel structure is installed to form a space fixed unit and passed the acceptance inspection, the construction unit is required to compact the space between the column bottom plate and the top surface of the foundation with expanded concrete.


Control of bolt installation quality. In steel structure engineering, high-strength bolts and ordinary bolts are generally used for bolt connection. Ordinary bolts are connected. One end of each bolt shall not be filled with more than 2 gaskets. The bolt holes shall not be reamed by gas cutting. After the bolts are tightened, the exposed threads shall not be less than 2 pitches; Before using high-strength bolts, we check the certificate and retest form of the bolts. During the installation process, the contact surface of the board stack should be flat, the contact surface must be greater than 75%, and the edge gap should not be greater than 0.8mm. The high-strength bolts should be inserted freely, and no knocking or reaming is allowed.


In the process of steel structure engineering construction control, it is necessary to truly play the role of engineering control. It is required that the progress of the project must be strictly controlled during construction. At the same time, engineers must do a good job in quality control. Ensure the construction quality of steel structure projects.



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