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Five aspects of construction section, construction material, building energy-saving, water-saving, building indoor environment are five major advantages of steel structure workshop. 
The first is the festival of the advantages, the definition of construction section is to reduce the occupation of land resources based on the building to complete all of the use function, namely the use of land resources in the building for a certain rate of steel structure workshop. Compared to traditional housing surface more product obtained using a relatively high rate of the housing etc. The more obvious advantages can improve the utilization rate of four percent.
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In the aspect of energy conservation, mainly divided into two aspects: one is the construction phase of the steel structure plant another is the daily use of it in the construction stage, construction stage of energy consumption is divided into three parts. Respectively is: the production of building materials, building materials, energy consumption of transportation energy consumption of construction energy consumption. In the aspects of steel structure workshop is the possession of certain advantages, its material production is the production so the cost can be saved.
In the transport because of its dis-assembly is compared in terms of the transportation cost can be saved so many in daily use stage. The life cycle of steel structure workshop is very long, can reach 100 years or so, it is most important and seismic and wind resistance performance. It can resist earthquake of magnitude eight to nine typhoons.

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