fabrication of steel structures

The assembling work of steel elements may be divided to one or several test batches according to the same division principles adopted for the corresponding fabrication of steel structures.
For H-shape weldable steel, the clearance between the seam of flange plates and the seam of stalk plates shall be more than 311m and the assembling length of flange plate shall be more than 2 times of its width and the assembling width of stalk plate shall be more than 300m. the assembling length of stalk plate shall be more than 600mm.
the allowable variations of H-shape weldable steel shall be in conformity with the requirements specified in the C.0.1 in the Appendix C of this Code.
Inspection method: make the steel structure stand upright and support the two ends of this structure. And then examine it with a level gauge or steel ruler. 
The allowable variations of welding assembling shall be in conformity with the requirements specified in the C.0.2 in the Appendix C of this Code.
For the top close-contact surface, there shall be more than 80% of contacted closely.  Inspection method: examine with a clearance ruler of 0.3mm, inserting 25% of the ruler. For bars of truss, the allowable variations for side misalignment of intersection points of axis lines shall be less than 4.1mm and the allowable variations of axis lines shan’t be more than5.1mm. 
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