Embedded parts

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Embedded parts buried in the concrete foundation, anchor bolt is the fixed base for various machines and equipment. Usually, it is made of stee Q235l, high strength as Q345B or 16MN materials to process. Occasionally, it uses secondary or tertiary rebar processing. The anchor bolts are divided into wool, Paspalum, thin rod different forms. Wool is raw material steel without restructuring, made from round steel or wire directly; Paspalum known as type A and thin rod known as type B are made by restructuring steel into the corresponding requirements of stem diameter. According to different conditions, it can be achieved respectively level of 3.6, 4.8, 4.8, 6.8, 8.8, etc. According to customer's specifications steel structure requirement, we can provide all kinds of embedded parts, mainly the type J anchor bolt and other kinds of anchor bolts GT/T 799.

Application: In large-scale steel structure workshop and buried steel reinforced concrete structure project, anchor with large diameter, especially with lower end dangling, is easy to operate, which can guarantee the anchor bolt installation accuracy requirement.


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