Development Status Of Residential Steel Structure Buildings

For a long time, due to the lack of steel in China, the application of building steel structures has been restricted, so that the use of building steel structures has been limited to a very small fan country, and the amount of steel used in construction steel structures accounts for a very low proportion of the total steel output in the country. In 1996, China's steel output exceeded 100 million tons for the first time, in 1998 China's steel output has reached 114.34 million tons, and the annual increase in production is 3 million tons, forming a new situation of steel oversupply, creating an excellent opportunity for the development of China's construction steel structure.



With the continuous improvement of steel production and the continuous demand for green and environmentally friendly buildings, the application of steel to the main structure of residential buildings is due to the trend of history. China is accelerating the development of steel structure housing industrialization process, the development of standardization, serialization, generalization, specialization, socialization and commercialization of the housing industry modernization system as the basic direction. It is foreseeable that in the near future, there will be a new leap in the development and application of steel structure houses. At present, after extensive domestic research and experimental analysis, the steel structure residential general rest system is used for civil good houses, which has unique advantages, compared with other residential general systems, the main features are: