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It is true that steel structures can see the economic development level of an urban city. As the future green building materials, steel structures, steel building, prefabricated steel structure, prefabricated building are widely used in large-scale public places. Gymnasium, canopy, carport, gas station, etc .; its most widely used in the workshop and won the praise of the majority of users, Foshan Shengbang steel Structure CO., LTD as a large professional steel structure in the industry has also created many classic success stories, Recently undertaken by the comprehensive steel structure workshop, food production plant will also add brick to the green industry tile. Let's take a look at what changes have the steel structure brought to the shop compared to traditional buildings?

1. Single-span large; but also the use of multi-level steel construction.

2. Simple construction; short construction period: all the components are prefabricated in the factory, and the scene is simply assembled. As a result, the construction period is greatly shortened. A 6000 square meter building can be basically installed in only 40 days.

3. Durable; steel structure gymnasium is easy to repair, general-purpose computer designed steel structure can resist the harsh climate, and only simple maintenance.

4. Beautiful and practical; steel construction lines simple and smooth, with a modern feel. Color wall panels are available in a wide range of colors, and walls can be made of other materials for greater flexibility.

5. Reasonable cost: steel structure, lightweight construction of the stadium, reducing the basic cost, more than half the construction cost of traditional concrete, and the construction speed, overall economic efficiency is much better than concrete structures.

Advantages of steel structure car workshop

(1) high strength, high strength to weight ratio; plasticity, toughness;

(2) green, does not produce any dust, gas, recyclable

(3) uniform material, in line with mechanical assumptions, high safety and reliability;

(4) factory production, high degree of industrialization, construction speed;

In addition, the structural stability of the steel structure workshop, the process is very beautiful, you can maximize the use of land area, better take the car parked, making the parked vehicles more convenient, in addition, the steel structure workshop with active connection, in this way The combination of supporting, making this workshop, whether in terms of safety, or practicality and aesthetic durability on the more perfect. Better meet people's requirements.

Steel Gymnasium will serve as China's construction industry in the next ten key development projects, its prospects are impressive. Steel construction in the environmental protection with its unparalleled advantages, the regulator of the construction of concrete structures. The future is the era of the pursuit of fashion and the mainstream, as the new building structure tends to be more attractive. Although the rapid development of China's steel structure, but its gap with Europe and the United States is still very large, I believe in the next ten years, China's steel industry can go up to two levels. As a senior, large-scale, professional steel structure enterprises, Foshan Shengbang Steel Structure CO.,LTD will also be dedicated towards the path they go, and will create more successful cases for the industry of steel building, the more professional the road far.



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