China will further increase the application of steel bridge construction in highway construction

Steel structure bridge has long service life, low cost of whole life, high recovery and utilization advantages, widely used in foreign countries. How to increase the construction of China's elevated steel structure expressway, the Ministry of Transport responded to the proposal of "CPPCC proposal: No. 1305 on the development of elevated steel structure expressway", said that in the bridge program than the election, the steel bridge program with other programs To carry out technical and economic comparison, increase the application of steel bridge to promote the intensity.



The construction of expressways by elevated means is one of the important measures to save land in the process of highway construction. We require the farmland highway design generally have a road, bridge program than the election, according to the actual situation of the project area and economic affordability, through technical and economic comparison, reasonable to determine the program, in the cultivated land resources in the area or basic farmland, Around the city, flood storage area, along the river valley and other places, give priority to recommend the bridge program.


But because of the cost slightly higher, and before China's steel (3591, 51.00, 1.44%) production is insufficient, generally only in the long-span bridge applications. In recent years, with the increase in steel production in China, improve the quality, processing capacity, in the road construction in the promotion of steel structure of the bridge has matured.




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