Causes of Leakage of Steel Structure Roof and Preventive Measures-1

First, the steel roof form

Building roof as the building of the top of the load-bearing and outer envelope structure, its envelope and facade modeling role is essential for the whole building, light steel structure is the most vulnerable to the important part of the system. Its main role is to resist the wind, rain, snow invasion and the sun's radiation, and bear the weight of the roof and the roof of the wind, snow and man's load

[1], light steel roof According to the use of materials are generally colored pressure plate, color steel sandwich panels, colorful felt tile, all kinds of lightweight roof panels, GRC board, metal arch corrugated roof, composite pressure plate Type

[2], light steel roof and wall materials mainly use color pressure plate or sandwich panels. The links of the color pressure plate are both 3600 curl boards, lanyard lap joints, and nail plates. Purlins for the weight of the thin-walled C-type or Z-type steel purlins, roof slope design is generally 1/10 ~ 1/15.

Second, the roof of the connection

Steel structure the roof of the building has two types of long connections and lateral connections on the roof. Long-distance connection is mainly lap, that is, uphill plate pressure downhill board, lap set at the special waterproof sealant plus fixed special pressure, and the lateral connection is currently the following three: 2.1 lap connection; 2.2 dark Button-type connection; 2.3 bite close button-type connection;

Third, the various parts of the water leakage analysis and solutions

Roofing systems are classified as follows:


Roof parts

★Leakage reasons: roof crest is too high, the roof cover cannot guarantee water; vertical lap without clay or silica gel, the formation of cracks and leakage; roof cover longitudinal lap with a rivet connection, thermal expansion and contraction strength is not enough and pull off Rivets, the formation of leakage; roof cover and the roof is not between the plug, or the plug is not standardized and fall off the formation of leakage.


★solution: the roof cover to do more, another slope to find a big point; lap place laying clay or silica gel; replace the stitch; plug should match the plate, plug laying should be put up and down clay or silica gel.


Roof gas floor parts

★Leakage reasons: gas floor and roof junctions are not placed under the bubble plug, and the edge of the vertical lap is not laid with cement or silica gel; roof outside the board in the air floor at the junction of the board; gas floor structure pillar openings Did not do water treatment; gas floor production, installation of hidden water leakage.


★solution: close should be installed before the installation of foam plugs, longitudinal lap must be set to glue or plug and stapler fixed; gas floor must be installed before the roof board to pull; request gas floor construction side in the air floor structure is completed Must be part of the hole for waterproofing; air floor installation quality and water resistance to check.


Lighting plate parts

★Leakage reasons: lighting board plate and roof panel plate does not match the two sides of the lighting board is higher than the roof panels, after installation, the seal is too strict to form a light pressure inside and outside the lighting board, capillary water from the sides of the lighting board into the roof Leaking; lighting board longitudinal lap length is not enough, and clay aging loss of viscosity; longitudinal clay off; lighting board and color plate between the rigid lap, the middle of the gap is not sealed.


★solution: Waterproof screw hit the top of the crest; lighting board at the edge of the board should be sealed with the lighting board firmly, both sides of the vertical mud to widen, and lay the upper part of the crest to prevent capillary water infiltration.


Roof openings

★Leakage reasons: the hole is not designed according to the design of the node waterproofing, steel plug placed without laying waterproof clay and silica gel; openings around the reserved range is small, the rain flowing, easy to water; No waterproof treatment; openings around the non-structural parts, the formation of low-level water; waterproof construction of water blocking phenomenon, the formation of water.


★solution: according to the design drawings and strict construction process, laying clay, silicone; openings around the reserved area must meet the drainage requirements; wall, roof openings must be followed by water treatment; Increase purlin or angle steel structure, reduce the protection of deformation; waterproof construction and installation must be tight, smooth, so smooth flow.


Cornice parts

★Leakage reasons: Cornice is the main source of leakage problems, the roof is not installed on the outer wall of the plug, the roof outside the board is not pulled; wall outside the board length is insufficient, and the cornices are not waterproof edge.


★solution: Roof plating should be placed at the same time the installation of foam plugs, and the roof outside the board to pull 30 degrees; cornice should be set by the design requirements of additional edge.


Gutter site

★water leakage reasons: within the trench welding joints exist gaps, the formation of seepage; gutter and rain pipe diameter design is too small, and the plant does not match the length of the beam; gutter end did not do head plate; roof outside the board into the gutter length Lack of water will fall into the factory interior.


★solution: Appropriate to increase the depth of the gutter, so that the trench rain does not exceed the seams.


Brick wall with light steel roof connection

★Leakage reasons: The site is easy to form a hidden danger of water leakage, roof and cement wall joints leaking, the main reason for the stress is not synchronized caused by silicone rubber and adhesive surface cracking and leakage.


★solution: To prevent the temperature deformation, the use of two edge connection processing; and brick wall connection, the income should have a certain angle, and completely sealed; margin should be pre-sealed sealant.


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