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Innovation and advancement in technology has enabled construction to take on an entirely new dimension where DIY metal buildings are quickly becoming the norm. So much so that metal building contractors are engaging in purchasing supply metal buildings to supply to clients. The pieces are easily fitted together, almost as though you are building a life-sized Lego house, only better because the pieces would not easily collapse or fall apart by force. The metal of choice of course, is steel. Steel structure building is increasingly becoming more popular due to its durability, resistance to fires, hurricanes, earthquakes and environmentally friendly nature. Here is a step-by-step guide to building your own home.


· Measure Land

I would assume that you are in possession of land that you could use for building your home. There are certain country regulations that are required for you to build on the land such as, building inside the land, leaving free, three to five feet all around. You would need to know how much of your property you can build on and then you can work out the dimensions of the rooms. Also, depending on where you build, you would need to leave some space for sewerage etc.


· Consultation

Here you may want to meet with your metal building contractor for consultation. Hopefully this would be free of charge if it is an informal discussion. You can discuss what you have in mind, the steps you need to take, how long the materials would take to be designed and other informal issues or inquires that you may have.


· Design and Budget

Once you are ready to begin acquiring your new home, you and the metal building contractor would discuss design, if you need to customize certain parts or if you want to purchase previously designed plans. Your contractor may have prefab industrial buildings that you may like, saving you time in having your own plans customized. Budget is always important at this stage because you would need to stay within your means rather than request a home you cannot afford. You may have to take the design to your Town and Country Department for approval. Different countries have different regulations and it is up to you to educate yourself.


· Oder the Home

This may be the last step for you before the actual construction phase begins. Your metal building contractor may ask you to sign a contract and make a down payment for the home. In the previous step, you may have had to pay for the design but here, you pay for the actual materials.


· Prepare Land

After you paid down on your home, the contractor would take the design and forward it to the manufacturers who would acquire the raw materials and begin production on your building. You may want to start prepping your land at this stage. Your metal building contractor can provide some guidance here such as the depth of holes you need, or clearing down the land, etc.


· Delivery of Home

At this stage, you would have acquired the material you need to build your home. The DIY plans should be included, letting you know how to put together the pieces. Of course, you may have to hire a few workers to help you but once the instructions are followed, you would have your home up in no time. All you need now is to run lights and move in. 


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