Basic Knowledge of Steel Structure

First, the steel structure type:

1. Frame: A plane or space consisting mainly of beams and columns connected, single or multiple layers structure.

2. Rigid frame: refers to a single-layer frame consisting of a beam (or truss) and a column. (for example: a structural form that is formed by a solid web beam and so on.)

3. Shelf: refers to a single-layer frame composed of beams (or trusses) and columns hinged. (example: steel reinforced concrete column + structural form of steel roof, etc.)

4. Truss: refers to a lattice structure formed by connecting straight rods at the ends. (for example: by steel roof truss made of angle steel, etc.)

5. Other structures: grid, suspension structure, thin shell (membrane structure) structure, tower structure, arch structure, etc.

basic knowledge of steel structure

Second, the component type:

1. Beam: BH welded beam, hot rolled H-beam, lattice beam, honeycomb beam, etc.;

2. column: BH welded column, hot rolled H-beam, lattice column, round tube column, square tube column, combination steel column, etc.

3. Support: support between columns, roof wind lever, tie rod, truss, etc.;

4. enclosure: roofing, wall purlins, pull strips, roofing, wall color panels, etc.;

5. connecting parts: high-strength bolts, ordinary bolts, self-tapping screws, aluminum rivets, etc.;

6. Mezzanine: large floor, small beam, floor board (FE2W, FE3W combination building board), shear nail, side mold, sealing plate, etc.;

7. Crane: crane beam (crane truss), brake beam (brake truss), auxiliary truss, support, crane track, vehicle file, etc.


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