Assembly-style buildings in the future development of seven major trends03

Direction5: GSAS development trend


The Green steel structure Building Assembly System (GSAS) is a symbol of the industrialized and modernized development of assembly-type construction industry. The new green steel structure building assembly system is bound to be widely used in the future assembly-type houses and buildings. Developed countries are currently of great importance to the development of new green component assembly system to composite light steel, steel / plastic structure, biomass / wood-based structure, and its goal is to make prefabricated housing and building design, prefabrication, transport, assembly By the end of the life cycle, the residential environment has the least impact and the highest resource efficiency. The component system of housing and construction will develop toward safety, environmental protection, energy saving and sustainable development.


Direction6: IAM development trend


At present, the demand for labor resources by the construction industry in the world is getting more and more scarce. In particular, the construction site of prefabricated buildings needs a large number of workers such as hoisting, handling, assembly and connection. Japan, Germany and the United States are focusing on the development of an intelligent assembly model (IAM) to reduce labor resources at the construction site. The way out is to constantly invent and promote robots, robots, and smart assembly lines, and at the same time, innovate and adopt high added value Prefabricated components and parts, the construction site is no longer needed a lot more dirty and heavy physical labor, this assembly mode than in the past to build intelligent mode greatly saves manpower resources, and can shorten the duration improve construction efficiency.


Direction7: NCAB development trend


With the rapid development of the Internet, it will bring new changes to the custom-made network of fabricated steel structure buildings to the world architecture community. "The future of network-based customized assembly-type architecture (NCAB), the main modes include: custom environment within the network, to achieve the custom process of residential assembly; Custom environment and the entire assembly of the enterprise network, to achieve customized environment and enterprise information system, etc. Assembly and disassembly of various subsystems; networking of industry chain between enterprises and enterprises, sharing, combination and optimization of assembly-type houses and construction resources among enterprises; and customized assembly-type residences offsite through the network. "Germany, Franz Lampard, an architect at the Institute of Building Decoration, said: "The depth, breadth and speed of the customized networked assembly of German assembly buildings in the future tend to outweigh the predictions of people in other EU countries."



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