Attention should be paid to the design of steel frame workshop

Steel frame industrial workshop because of its special structural principles, so in the pre-construction design and general concrete building design has a certain difference. Furthermore, in the steel frame workshop design should consider several of the problems: building support structure design, ventilation design, waterproof design, heat resistance design, etc.
Firstly, the steel frame workshop building is used for an extended period of time, or overloaded, which will cause a great burden on the steel structure building; and if there is a force imbalance between the components, this will also cause damage to the steel frame workshop building. In view of this situation, we can prevent it through some measures, and the steel frame can be reinforced when it is destroyed, such as adding a steel frame with strong load-bearing force in the place where the force is uneven, so that the overall structure is balanced by the force, thereby playing a reinforcement role; or it can also reduce the load-bearing force of the steel frame at the transfer damage, that is, reduce the load.
Secondly, there are two kinds of ventilation methods for steel frame workshop, namely natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation. Natural ventilation is the use of natural flow of air to introduce outdoor air into the interior, the indoor air and heat discharged to the outdoor, the characteristics of the workshop can use the indoor and outdoor temperature difference caused by the hot pressure and wind blowing to the building and the pressure difference caused by different surfaces to achieve ventilation, is an economical and reasonable ventilation method.

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