How to design the reinforcement of metal frame warehouse

Reinforcement design principles


1. When the reliability appraisal of the steel structure confirms that it needs to be reinforced, the reinforcement design shall be carried out in accordance with the standards and regulations based on the appraisal conclusion and the requirements put forward by the property owner. The scope of the reinforcement design can be determined according to the entire building or an independent section of it, or according to the designated structure, component or connection, but the overall stability of the structure should be considered.


2. The safety level of the reinforced steel structure shall be determined in accordance with the severity of the structural damage, the importance of the structure and the service life of the reinforced design, then joint agreed by the property owners and the designers according to the actual situation.



3. The reinforcement design of the metal frame warehouse (steel structure warehouse) should be closely integrated with the actual construction methods, and effective measures should be taken to ensure that the new components are reliably connected to the original structure, and the new sections and the original sections are firmly combined to form an overall joint work; Unreinforced parts, as well as related structures, components, and foundations cause adverse effects.


4. For damage to the original structure caused by factors such as high temperature, high humidity, low temperature, freezing and thawing, chemical corrosion, vibration, temperature stress, shrinkage stress, uneven foundation settlement and etc, effective prevention and control measures should be proposed in the reinforcement design, and the treatment and reinforcement should be carried out according to the specified sequence in the design.


5. The reinforcement design of metal frame warehouse (steel structure warehouse) should take into account its technical and economic effects comprehensively, and should not strengthen the structure with poor repairability, and should not lead to unnecessary demolition or replacement.


6. For steel structures that may be inclined, unstable, excessively deformed or collapsed during the reinforcement process, effective temporary safety measures shall be proposed in the reinforcement design documents.



Reinforcement methods and coordinated use technology


1. The reinforcement of metal frame warehouses (steel structure warehouses) can be divided into two types: direct reinforcement and indirect reinforcement. When designing, suitable reinforcement methods and technologies can be selected according to actual conditions and using requirements.


2. The direct reinforcement methods should be selected according to the actual situation of the project, such as increasing section reinforcement method, sticking steel plate reinforcement method and combined reinforcement method.


3. Indirect reinforcement should be adopted to change the structural system reinforcement method and pre-stressed reinforcement method according to the actual situation of the project.


4. The connection method for steel structure reinforcement should adopt welding seam connection and friction type high-strength bolts connection; it can also adopt the mixed connection of welding seam and friction type high-strength bolts.


5. The technology used in conjunction with the structural reinforcement methods should adopt the connection and repair technology that meet the requirements of this standard.


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