After the light steel structural workshop layout is finished

Steel structure system can be accurately designed and analyzed, making the structural reliability of the steel structure housing is better than that of brick masonry building. Steel workshop mainly refers to the main loadbearing elements are made of steel composition. Including steel pillars, steel beams, steel base, steel roof (of course, large span of the workshop basically use steel roof trusses now), steel roof, attention steel can be maintenance by brick wall.

1, steel structure construction light quality, high strength, span.

2, steel construction with short construction period, the corresponding lower investment costs.

3, steel construction has high fireproof and anti-corrosion.

4, steel construction easy to move, recycling pollution. Seismic, wind, heat, long life, environmental protection.


Heat insulation, sound insulation, energy saving. Light steel structure residential composite wall structure ensures the requirements of heat insulation, moisture, sound insulation. The use of insulating glass to make the sound insulation index of 40 weighted above, in addition to greatly reduce noise pollution, but also save a lot of energy. "Space free combination" residential. The flexible selection of lightweight high strength steel structure, provides the greatest degree of freedom for the combination of residential space. On the one hand, the steel structure can provide very large shared space, at the same time, the architect can no longer stick to the position of bearing wall, layout of the functional space freely according to the design need.


After the light steel structural layout is finished, the section of the member should be estimated. It is assumed that the shape and size of the section of the beam column and support are assumed. Can choose the channel, steel rolling or welding H steel etc. According to the load and the bearing condition, the cross section height is usually between the 1/20~1/50 of the span. The complex calculation of the overall stability of the steel beam can be avoided when the flange width is determined according to the l/b value of the space of the lateral support of the beam. The section height and the width of the flange, the plate thickness according to the provisions of local tectonic stability prediction.


According to statistics, usually an activity room can take advantage of the more than six times the number of repetitions, and from these data, we are more can be understood, an integrated activity room cost is relatively low.


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