What are the requirements for the quality requirements and inspection and acceptance of roofing works


(A) the quality requirements of roofing works

Roofing works for sub-project acceptance, the quality should meet the following requirements:

1. Waterproof layer shall not have leakage or water phenomenon.

2. The materials used in the roofing works shall comply with the design requirements and the quality standards.

3. leveling layer surface smooth, no crisp pine, from the sand, from the skin phenomenon.

4. Insulation thickness, moisture content and apparent density should meet the design requirements.

5. Gutter, gutters, floods and deformation joints and other structures, should meet the design requirements.



6. Coil paving method and lap order should meet the design requirements, overlapping width is correct, seams tight, no wrinkles, bubbling and Alice phenomenon.

7. The thickness of the coating waterproof layer should meet the design requirements, the coating without cracks, wrinkles, flow, bubbling and exposed carcass phenomenon.

8. Rigid waterproof layer surface should be flat, calendering, can not afford sand, can not afford skin, no cracking. Sub-grid should be straight, the location is correct.

9. Cracked seal material should be bonded with both sides of the base layer firmly, sealed parts smooth, straight, no cracking, bubbling, dropping phenomenon.

10. The roof of the tile roof should be flat, solid, tiles arranged neatly, straight, lap reasonable, seams tight, no residue tiles.


(B) the contents of the quality inspection and acceptance of roofing works

1. Inspection and acceptance of the preparation work: Before the construction of the waterproofing project, it is necessary to check whether the roofing works through the drawings, whether the construction plan or technical measures are complete, whether the process arrangement is reasonable, whether the progress is scientific, whether the quality requirements are clear, whether the quality objectives are To check the quality of the construction team and the construction staff of the job card; check the roof of the material into the situation, the material on-site visual inspection is qualified, on-site sampling sampling is consistent with the standard test data is valid, can meet the design requirements; Check the number and integrity of construction equipment and labor insurance products.

2. Inspection and acceptance of grass-roots quality: leveling layer before construction, check the quality of grass-roots structure is consistent with the requirements of waterproofing construction, leveling the quality of raw materials is qualified, the ratio is accurate, water-cement ratio and consistency is appropriate; The location of the template is accurate, cement mortar wiping is dense, the slope is accurate, whether the timely implementation of the second calendering; leveling surface quality inspection.


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