The steel structure construction can be recycled

Steel structure has a lot of advantages is that resources can be recycled. All forward the steel structure housing industrialization, the deepening of research and development. 
Steel structure building is not only the carrying capacity of engineering considerations but also consider the ecological carrying capacity. It can not only meet the various needs of building function, but also can effectively handle the dialectical relationship between the good building energy conservation, material saving and Protect environment can realize the efficient use of resources and recycling targets. In addition, steel structure can create a kind of do not lead to the depletion of resources and will not cause environmental pollution and ecological destruction. The steel structure is a kind of architecture of building urbanization has little influence on the natural environment, has been widely applied in developed countries and is known as an important representative of green building.
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Green building action plan clear requirements to promote the industrialization of construction. Play the advantages of steel structure building industrialization can build the industrial system building industrialization cycle type is an important content of traditional architectural industry of our country in transition and bears a positive promoting green building revolution Chinese mission. As the conference of green building sample, Wan County mostly city project is currently under construction in China the largest steel structure residential area, design and construction in accordance with the green building standard star is also the steel structure construction technology is applied to the representative civilian residential areas construction.

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