The Design Method Of Steel Structure Connected Components

    Steel structure connection design methods are practical component design method, accurate calculation of the design method, commonly used to simplify the design method and the strength of the connection design.

    Firstly, practical design method is based on the flange is connected net cross-sectional area equal strength conditions splice connection, and a web connection in addition to the role of calculated shear splice location, but still should be a net cross-sectional area of the shear webs 1/2 or both ends of the net across the length of the component elements of the moment divided by the resulting shear bearing capacity is determined.


    Secondly, accurate calculation method is designed to be connected to their members flange and web-sectional moment of inertia at the moment proportional share, while shear borne entirely by the web.

    Thirdly, the simplified design method is commonly used by components to assume all of the bending moment flanges, and bear all the shear webs for stitching design.

    Fourth, such as strength design method is based on the condition of the net cross-sectional area is connected flange or webs of equal strength for stitching. Seismic design follows the principles of nodes in addition to the force clearly to reduce stress concentration and ease of processing installation outside, the most important thing is to satisfy the principle of connecting the weak and strong member, to avoid damage to the overall structure of the connection is weak leaving. Connection strength design methods, such as the purpose is to make the bearing capacity of the component connection with capacity equal to or higher than component bearing capacity. So connection strength design method is often used to structure according to the seismic design or elastic-plastic stitching design in the design of components, to ensure the continuity and have good ductility of member.


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