The characteristics of light steel structure

Light steel structure is generally not used box
Light steel structure is usually adopts Q345 and Q235 steel, and most are Q345 steel. Q345 steel as the most common and mature high strength low alloy steel structure, excellent performance. In addition to the part of the column base plate, wing plate thickness is basically 4-20 mm sheet. It is in the best interest of welding thickness range. Light steel structure is generally not used box, cross structure, component is the vast majority of H section. Because of the economic, generally do not use rolling h-beam, but most of them are welded h-beam.
H solid abdomen beam structure easy to automatic welding
The H solid abdomen beam structure, easy to realize automatic welding, assembly. The middle column for most of the component is variable cross-section form. It also put forward higher requirements for welding automation.
Gantry multi-head flame cutting is wing plate of the main cutting method, propylene, LPG new class has gradually replaced the acetylene gas.
Web because the thickness is thinner and is mostly wedge shape, usually adopt CNC plasma cutting method. Using oxygen plasma cutting method, cutting speed, cutting quality is good, but the requirement to the electrode consumption is higher.
The cutting quality of web to component fabrication quality has a great influence. the deformation and residual stress after cutting, the web will result in wavy deformation. Cutting edge will directly affect the quality of the fillet welds between web and flange and weld quality.
The coating
Light steel structure is mainly alkyd primer
In order to prevent the storage, transport and erection, no corrosion, and lays a foundation for further coating, component after welding, preprocessing and spray primer.
According to the environment of the different media, select the antirust primer. Light steel structure is mainly alkyd primer or epoxy zinc rich class. In the installation site according to the needs of besmear to brush paint or coating.
The light steel structure is mainly H solid web beam structure, surface treatment and coating process is simple and easy to realize mechanization production line. Spray paint for manual operation, commonly combined with hanging blasting, is but half mechanization of assembly line work.

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