The Characteristics and Performance of Light Steel Villa

The main materials of light steel villa is prefabricated houses construction materials ,with the color steel sandwich panels as the main load-bearing frame and the main wall system, so compared with ordinary villa ,light steel villa with outstanding advantages. Here, Guangdong shengbang Steel structure will explain to you the features and performance of light steel villa.


Light steel villa features:

First, the structure is stable.

Second, low cost.

Third, the span of light steel villa house bigger than concrete buildings .

Fourth, short construction period, much faster than conventional buildings.

Light steel villa properties:

First, anti-earthquake, typhoons: the ability to shock more than eight, and eleven withstand typhoons (wind speed 140km / h).

Second, rust and corrosion resistance: ordinary light steel use hot galvanized steel and Ⅴ type connector for articulated skeleton, good anti-corrosion properties, high strength, long life, no distortion, deformation, corrosion, structural stability, the steel’s  life is 50 years.

Third, fire refractory: the light steel building system compared to other traditional steel structure  has good fire resistance.

Fourth, insulation: temperature insulation performance is greatly improved,housing energy efficiency up to 65% ,more than the national housing requirements.

Fifth, the protection of the environment: construction dust and noise pollution in the traditional building system is serious, difficult to control quality, high energy consumption, harmful gas emissions from large, less-site construction waste, low noise, and for construction in densely populated areas with high environmental requirements.

Sixth,good Sound insulation: to meet national requirements for housing construction noise, airborne sound insulation can solve more demanding standard buildings.

Seventh, more use space: the villa housing construction to increase the effective use of space 8-13 per hundred square meters.

Light steel structure villa is an Environment Friendly , so the majority of consumers choose it.


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