The Introduction of Light Steel Structure Villa

There are four main components of construction to light steel houses: light steel frame, wall frame, roof enclosure system and floor supporter system. 
Light steel frame: Steel frame would be processed in the factory and assembled at the scene. After processing the steel frame, the unique advantages can be summarized as being high strength. Anticorrosive material would be effective utilized for rust-removal so that this process would guarantee the durable services for steel products. In addition, since steel frame is wrapped in insulation walls. The phenomenon of irregular heat conduction would not be incurred in the layers of insulation walls. What is more, compared with ordinary steel housing, the steel consumption of light steel frame is approximate 60 per cent less than that the consumption of ordinary steel construction, which is save at less 1/3 steel consumption. Less steel consumption and light weight are the prominent points for light steel frame. 
Wall frame: There are four various of wall plate in wall frame system, they are wall panels, interior wall plate, partition wall plate and thermal insulation block. According to air temperature of different regions, the wall of light steel structure villa can be combined into different various for enclosure system. Villas in cold districts had better have composite walls which are not only for heat preservation but also for heat insulation. That is only 1/6 energy consumption of ordinary construction would be needed can reach the demand for indoor heat insulation. In the contrary, villas in hot districts would have composite walls which are under hollow convection. 
Wall enclosure system: Being taken the same design principle of wall, floor supporter system should be taken insulation, insulation, waterproof and moisture-proof performance in high standard condition into granted. In addition, free styling can be accepted for housing design.
Floor supporter system: It has advantages in light weight, high strength unique closed micropore structure and air insulation layers. In addition, the sound insulation effect is up to 52 db and installation is easy and simply. It can also bear loads more than 200 kilograms square meter which is far more than the standard for ordinary floor supporter about bearing capacity of 150 kilograms in every square meter.

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