Steel Structure Residence

steel structure house can preferably being earthquake resistance
 Nowadays, the main thinking is that Chinese steel structure experts are accompanying faster developing in steel structure industry. The architects also said that, reasonable steel structure house can preferably being earthquake resistance. And then, that can reduce loss by disaster. Steel structure house also has outstanding advantages of being light weight. Good earthquake resistance performance easy installation. Therefore, steel structure residence is great for country and people. 
the development of steel structure house is greatly fast
   The experts of steel structure combine domestic and foreign examples, continually study. So the experts think that it is developing faster. But a survey report of domestic architectural study institution, that’s steel structure are less using in other buildings except parts of workshops. So the experts of steel structure advise that domestic market should appropriately promote steel structure house and advocate steel structure residence.
steel structure residence usually reduce foundation price
On the steel structure price impact, most of people misunderstand steel structure’s price which is a little high. Otherwise, steel structure residence usually reduce foundation price. That’s 40% cheaper than concrete buildings. 
The advice of most counties are using energy effective building materials, and then will reduce wastage. Therefore, steel structure can reduce energy and resource wastage. That also will reduce environment pollution. Nowadays, steel structure house befittingly advocate steel structure building. Chinese steel structure experts get through steel structure studying, it indicates that continuously innovate steel structure design. 

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