China State Grid Quality Inspection Center Push The New Technology of Steel Structure

    Recently, the China Grid Quality Inspection Center organized "the training of steel structure construction design specification, new technology and new material", further promoted the new products, new techniques and new technologies of steel structure, to set up a technical exchange platform for steel structure productions, designs, processes and so on. Many technicians of steel structure design department, steel structure production and the management staff, design staff of construction enterprise have attended the meeting.

    The conference take "energy conservation and emission reduction and the effect" as the theme, inviting the steel technical committee of the national steel standard committee , The PKPM structural steel group of China construction science research institute, Tsinghua university institute of civil water conservancy and other experts. Focused on the construction current standards of steel structure in China, wave panel of steel structure technical specifications such as the new standard, the new technology etc.


    With the development of Chinese building techniques and materials, steel structure construction technology and its matching products are rising rapidly. Steel structure is widely applied due to its light weight, saving material, building structure of the area which is with the advantages of small, short construction period and less environmental pollution and so on. In particular, Chinese construction industry is moving toward to seismic safety, environmental protection and efficiency, The sustainable development of steel structure of the "green industry", has become the inevitable trend of modernization construction, which become the key point of the development of the construction technology in China. Following the 2008 Olympics and the 2010 world expo, the new technologies and new materials of steel structure are constantly emerging, bringing the widely market for steel structure technology and new materials.


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