Light steel coating requirements

The rust should according to the design documents requirements, but when the design documents are not prescribed, should use sand or shot blasting method and the grade should reach the level of not less than 3.4 rust grade.
After the steel surface rusting and passing the examination, the painting should be carried out within 4 hours, and can not be rain within the next 4 hours.
Ambient temperature and relative humidity during coating paint products should meet the requirements of the specification, when the product specification is no demand, the ambient temperature should be between 10℃ and  50℃, relative humidity not more than 93%.
The friction surface of strength bolts, the surface of the steel components embedded within reinforced concrete structure and the inner surface of sealing member should not paint. The vicinity of the weld to be installed, bolt gusset plate and gusset plate surface, should be painted up after installation.
There should be baking and moisture proof storage measures of welding materials in the work field.
Steel structure construction should take reliable measures to ensure the size of built-in fittings compliance with the design of embedded parts dimension tolerance requirements.
Steel installation order should form a stable spatial unit first, and then expand outward, and shall promptly eliminate errors.
Column axis positioning should be quoted from ground control axis directly, quoted from the lower column axis is not allowed.

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