Widely used steel structure engineering and construction essentials-1

Advantages of steel structure

With the rapid development of steel structure, steel structure construction has become a highlight of urban modernization. Steel housing, most high-end residential has become a sign. Now that we are walking down the street, it has become a commonplace. In many steel structures, steel structure is the most widely used. With the population growth and industrial development, with more customers is to choose their own business opportunities steel construction, economic development has promoted the rise of more new products, because the environmental characteristics of prefabricated steel structures are subject to the majority of people The popularity of the same time can reduce the cost of all aspects of the symbolic embodiment of modern architecture.


Steel-based structure, is one of the main types of steel structure warehouse building. Steel is characterized by high strength, light weight, good overall rigidity, deformation ability, it is particularly suitable for the construction of large-span and ultra-high, super-heavy buildings; material homogeneity and isotropic, is an ideal elastomer , Most in line with the basic assumptions of general engineering mechanics; material plasticity, good toughness, may have greater deformation, can withstand dynamic loads well; construction period is short; its high degree of industrialization, high degree of mechanization can be specialized production. Steel structure should be studied in the future, high-strength steel, greatly increasing the yield point strength; In addition to the new varieties of steel rolling, such as H-beam (also known as wide-flange steel) and T-shaped steel and pressure plate to meet the large-span structure And the need for super tall buildings.

1, steel structure activity room by the color plate through the adhesive steel and polystyrene bonded rolling, give full play to the characteristics of different materials, so that it has good fire and thermal insulation and sound insulation properties.

2, All components of the steel structure movable house are standardized and prefabricated by the factory, which not only facilitates the installation and disassembly, but also enriches the layout of the movable house and the function of the house by freely adding, reducing and changing the positions of the doors, windows and partitions.

3, the steel structure of the movable part of the material to achieve recycling, galvanized components, the sustainable use of 20 years, the use of the process does not produce any construction waste.

4, the activities of the steel structure of the complete disassembly of housing units to facilitate the transport, cost savings.

5.Steel structure system enables the steel structure movable house house to have excellent ability to resist the wind speed of 86.4km / h; the light movable board house structure enables the house to show good performance in the event of an earthquake disaster stronger than the seismic fortification intensity of 8 degrees.

6, high-rise activities using cold-formed thin light steel structure system, walls, roof covered with Caigang composite sandwich panels

7, a large gradient of the activities of the house with waterproof structure design, enhance the airtight, watertight.

8, activity room light, easy to install.


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