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Macro Environment Analysis

3.Social and cultural environment analysis

    With the social development, people's awareness of environmental protection gradually increased, providing an opportunity for the application of such environmentally friendly products as steel structures. With the improvement of people's living standards, people's consumption concept and consumer behavior have also changed, and steel structure houses are gradually accepted by people. With the improvement of people's aesthetic standards, the requirements for large-scale stadiums and landmarks are also getting higher and higher, and the steel structure building can well meet this demand. The continuous population growth has put forward increasing demands on housing, municipal facilities and public transportation, which have a positive impact on the rapid growth of the steel structure industry. Due to the characteristics of industries, construction enterprises are profitable enterprises by providing services to society. Human resources are the most fundamental factor that affects the development of enterprises. From the perspective of China's labor market resources, the supply can meet the demand, but the high level of management and technical personnel in the field of building steel structure is still in short supply, which restricts the development of the industry. With economic development, labor costs continue to rise, highlighting the advantages of steel structure.

Steel structure building is a new type of energy-saving building system, known as "green building." Steel structure is a light weight, high strength, good seismic performance, energy saving, reusable building structure, in line with the development of provincial energy-saving buildings and the sustained and healthy economic development requirements. After the Wenchuan earthquake, the investigation again shows that the steel structure has a strong anti-seismic capability. The development of steel structures has gradually been recognized by all quarters, especially in high-rise buildings, large factories, long-span space structures, traffic energy projects and residential buildings. Play their own advantages of steel structure.

 China's steel structure industry is developing rapidly with the booming construction of steel structures all over the country, the construction of steel structures in scientific research, design, steel production, supporting and other fields have been rapid development. In October 2007, the "National Engineering Research Center for Steel Structures" approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology established the Engineering Research Center of Ministry of Education for Construction Steel Structure in Shanghai Tingyi University in June 2008. At the same time, a large number of excellent steel structure designs, design software’s and scientific research achievements have been developed. Steel structure design and construction quality acceptance codes have been revised, and over 90 technical drawings and design drawings have been prepared. Published a large number of steel textbooks, dissertations and application manuals. Steel structure design code revision has been started, a single chapter of steel, steel products, the basic revision of product standards. A large number of powerful steel structure installation enterprises to undertake the domestic key large-scale steel structure installation. New technologies, new methods, new equipment after another. The construction and installation level reached the international advanced level; steel supporting products complete, rapid processing equipment manufacturing plant to meet the needs of the steel structure industry. 



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