The Advantages of Steel Structure Housing

Everyone’s life is closely linked with the nature; it can get a bright future as long as harmonious get along with the nature. Combining with these features, steel structure make a huge contribution to the building trades. It is not only beautifying the environment but also applied to the residence and indurates the buildings which guarantee people’s life and property. Steel structure make a really combine with the nature.
After the painful experience of Wenchuan earthquake, the first is to solve are environment and housing problems, and both of them are closely linked, While ensuring the safety of house we should guarantee that there isn’t any impact to the environment and in harmony with nature, this is the task and mission of steel structure.
If the house is more firm and the environment is not so bad, there is no so much grief, also have not so much regret. Environmental problem is the source of all; steel structure housing is so popular because it has so many advantages.
Steel structure building, as load-bearing beams of residential buildings, its advantage is self-evident, such as:
1. Steel structure components are made in the factory, which can reduce the workload, shorten the construction period, conform to the requirements of the industrialization, it can not only save resources but also reduce some unnecessary pollution
2. The quality of steel structure factory production is reliable, precise size, easy to install, easy to cooperate with related department.3.
3. Light weight, high strength, the weight of steel structure building is 1/2 of the reinforced concrete building; Meet the needs of the houses are expounded and the net area is about 4% higher than that of reinforced concrete house.
4. Steel can be recycled, there’s less pollution to the environment construction and demolition. These advantages are the value of steel structure house. It used these advantages to prop up the "security umbrella" for life.
5. Safety and reliability, good seismic and wind resistance performance, load capacity and seismic capacity can reach 8, flame to fail in the shock loss is its style.

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