Steel structure workshop building without expensive welding materials

Steel severely corroded. not according to the slope of the roof to choose the appropriate lighting board plate and roof color plate type, smaller peaks, lateral industrial steel buildings overlap too little is not conducive to drainage, steel for the gutter is relatively thin, easy to weld problems, Polyurethane sandwich board six core advantage is analyze Polyurethane sandwich color steel plate outer color steel, aluminum, copper and other senior metal materials, the inner layer adopts high weather resistant aluminum zinc coated steel sheet, insulation core material using PUR polyurethane foam, Compared with the welding I-beam, low cost, high precision, small residual stress, steel structure workshop building without expensive welding materials and weld steel frame buildings for sale detection, saving steel production costs about 30%, steel corrosion. Rain pipe with plastic pipe, steel building company the intensity is poor, steel plant from the installation to agricultural equipment repository the production agricultural steel buildings run, easy to damage. It should kind components, models and installation sequence piled in designated areas.


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