Steel structure plant design has what features

As China's steel production increased, more and more enterprises began to use steel structure design of steel structure warehouse, steel structure plant is divided into light steel plant and heavy steel structure plant, the main load-bearing components are made of steel, including Steel columns, steel beams, steel structure, mainly divided into five parts:

1, the basic embedded parts, (to stabilize the structure of steel plant)

2, columns, using H-beam, I-beam, pipe or C-beam (two C steel docking)

3, beam, using C-beam and H-beam.

4, purlins, usually C steel, channel steel.

5, the wall with Caigang pressure plate, one is Caigang single tile (Caigang tile). One is Caigang sandwich panels. Two layers of tile in the middle of the foam, rock wool, glass wool, polyurethane fire retardant, sealed, noise effect.

Steel structure plant different from the traditional brick factory, has the following characteristics:

1, steel structure building design Plastic steel plant is good, the structure under normal circumstances will not be accidental overload or partial overload suddenly rupture. The toughness of the steel is good, so that the structural adaptability of the dynamic load stronger;

2, steel structure design plant steel materials used uniform, high structural reliability;

3, steel design plant steel used in the high strength, light weight structure, manufacturing plant span, you can make a larger span structure;

4, steel plant steel with weldability, so that the connection of the steel structure is greatly simplified, adapted to the manufacture of various complex shapes of the structure;

5, the production of steel structures, the installation of a high degree of industrialization of steel production is mainly in the specialized metal structure of the plant, which makes simple, high precision. Made of components shipped to the site installation, assembly of a high degree of installation speed, short duration.

Of course, steel structure design plant also has other specific features, such as heat and fire resistance, corrosion resistance is poor, should avoid damp environment. However, on the whole, the strength of steel plant is high and the span is large. The construction period of steel structure is short and the investment cost is accordingly reduced, which is more and more welcomed by enterprises.

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