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  • SSH Steel Structure Hangar building

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    technical parameters
    Lifting capacity(t):5 , 10
    Span(m):10.5-31.5 , 10.5-31.5
    Lifting height(m):16 , 16
    Trolley moving speed(m/min):37.2 , 43.8
    Trolley lifting speed(m/min):12.5 , 8.5
    Crane running speed(m/min):15.5 , 13.3 , 89.8 , 92.3 , 89.8 , 91.9 , 84.7 , 116.2 , 117.4 , 115.6 , 116.8 , 112.5
    Power source:A.C380V 50HZ 3-Phase
  • Prefabricate Steel Structure Office Building

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    Base materials:Cement and steel foundation bolts
    Main frame:H beam (welded or hot rolled)
    Purlin:C purlin (C120-320) or Z Purlin (Z100-200)
    Bracing:Tie bar, lateral bracing, column bracing, knee bracing, etc
    Bolt:Normal bolt, high strength bolts, Galvanized bolt 
    Roof & wall:Sandwich panel, steel corrugated sheet
    Door:Sliding door , rolling shutter
    Window:PVC window, aluminum-alloy Window
    Accessories:Skylight, ventilation, downpipe and galvanized gutter etc .
  • steel structure office building

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    Item Name:Steel structure building
    Size:Length, Width, Roof height and Eave Height
    Roof and Wall:PU, EPS, Rock Wool sandwich panel
    Door and Window:PVC or Aluminum Alloy
    Column and Beam:Hot rolled H section , I section or Galvanized
    Purlin:C-Section and Z-section
    Surface:2 primer and 1 finished paint
    Local Climate:1. wind speed  2. Rain load  3. Snow load  4. Earthquake grade if any, etc.
    Crane parameter:If need crane beam, parameter is in need.
    Drawing:1. Quote as clients' drawing 2. Design as per clients' requests.
    Package:In container or as per requests.
    Load in:20 ft', 40 ft' GP, /HQ/OT container
  •   Double Door Steel Structure Garage Building

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    Main structure:Steel Welded H Section
    Purlin:C Section Channel or Z Section Channel
    Roof Cladding:Sandwich Panel or Corrugated Steel Sheet with Fiber Glass Wool Coil
    Wall Cladding:Sandwich Panel or Corrugated Steel Sheet
    Tie Rod:Circular Steel Tube
    Brace:Round Bar
    Column & Transverse Brace:Angle Steel or H Section Steel or Steel Pipe
    Knee Brace:Angle Steel
    Roof Gutter:Color Steel Sheet
    Rainspout:PVC Pipe
    Door:Sliding Sandwich Panel Door or Metal Door
    Windows:PVC/Plastic Steel/Aluminum Alloy Window
    Connecting:High Strength Bolts
    Packing:Can be loaded into 40ft'GP/HQ/OT, or 20 ft'container.
    Drawing:We can make the design and quotation according to your requirement or your drawing