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  • Guangya steel villa

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    Quick and easy to assemble
    Dry construction and environmentally friendly.
    Light houses with strength structure
    Excellent capacity of water proof, heat and sound insulation.
    Materials 100% recyclable
    Convenient to take apart and install.
    Dry construction condition; no pollution; no waste. 
    During the construction, total saving 1/6 of CO2 Emissions, 1/6 of natural resources, 1/6 of natural energy and 9/10 of water using. Save labor cost on site.
    The building self-weight is only 1/4 of brick-concrete structure.
    Galvanized steel is 100% recyclable.
    Fiber glass insulation filling in the roof is greatly superior to the brick structure on the effect of insulation and soundproof.
  • Metal frame assembled container house

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    Glass wool adopts the most advanced centrifugation technique to fiber glass fibrosis, Such products has large amount and very thin glass fiber inside. Its total surface area is very large also, so as to strengthen the resistance of the air, making the air unable to flow and eliminating the air convection heat transfer; Similarly, huge friction decays vibration of the sound propagation carriers - air quickly, which ensures glass wool's good thermal insulation and sound absorption effect. It is also good material for sound absorption and noise reduction in steel structure building.
    Rock Wool Sandwich Panel
    Rock wool sandwich panel is not better than polystyrene and polyurethane sandwich panel with regard to sole weight, heat conduction, compressive strength, water absorption rate and other physical and mechanical properties. However, it can be used under the service temperature of 600℃. Besides, this type panel possesses the outstanding feature of being level A incombustibility, thus rock wool sandwich panel serviceable range is expanded to light weight construction materials for high requirement on fire-protection rating.
  • Light steel villa

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    Steel Structure Panel material
    The steel structure panel material included EPS sandwich panel,Rock wool sandwich panel,PU sandwich panel,fiber-glass ,steel sheet.
    Steel structure panel material: including wall panel and roof panel
    Sandwich core materials: EPS, PU, rock wool, glass wool
    Thickness of sandwich panels: 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm
    Single color plate material thickness: 0.376mm, 0.426mm, 0.476mm