• Case Number : RWSP

Rock wool sandwich panel is not better than polystyrene and polyurethane sandwich  panel with regard to sole weight, heat conduction, compressive strength, water

absorption rate and other physical and mechanical properties. However,  it can be used under the service temperature of 600℃. Besides, this type panel possesses the outstanding feature of being level A incombustibility, thus rock wool sandwich panel  serviceable range is expanded to light weight construction materials for high

requirement on fire-protection rating

Rockwool sandwich panel:Steel thickness:      0.3mm~0.7mm;
                                             Sandwich thickness:  50mm ~250mm
                                             Availability width:  950mm、1150mm
                                             Availability length:    by customized


导热系数               Thermal coefficient W/(m.k)                                  【平均温度Average temperature

有机物含量    Organic content

不燃性  Non-flammable

最高使用温度       Maximum temperatur (℃)



极限偏差 Limit deviation



一等品  First Grade

合格品 Qualified








A级   A grade



100       120




150      160




1) The fireproof performance is excellent: the materials and the technology of the panel have good fireproof performance, it can withstand the fire above 1000℃ The rock wool sandwich panel has passed the test that carry out by the country professional organization, the fireproof grade is A,incomplete combustion.

2) The performance in heat reserve and heat insulate is good, the heat reserve and heat insulate performance of rock wool sandwich panel depends on the thermal conductivity λ=0.043 W / m2 K, it is calculated according to the proportion thickness of rock wool core material.;

3) The effect in sound insulate is excellent, rock wool sandwich panel will make any effect in preventing the transfer of the noise, especially suitable for the specific area where the scheduled flight pass. And if adopt the rock wool sandwich panel, the sound that make by the rain 、hail will be decreased. Through the test , according to the ISO 717/82 and the UNI 8270/7 standard , choose the rock wool core material whose density is 100kg/m3, the effect in sound insulate can achieve RW=29~30 dB.