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  • Prefabricate Steel Structure Store

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    Commonly used steel grades and performance of steel
    Carbon structural steel: Q195, Q215, Q235, Q255, Q275, etc.
    High-strength low-alloy structural steel
    Quality carbon structural steel and alloy structural steel
    Special purpose steel
  •   Prefabricated steel structure Gymnasium Building

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    Product Name:Prefabricated Steel Structure Warehouse
    Foundation:Concrete and Steel
    Support:X or V types, angle steel or round tube
    Surface:Two layers and anti-rust paint
    Color:White, Grey, Blue, Green, etc
    size:Designed by your requirement
    Main component
    Base materials:Cement and steel foundation bolts
    Main frame:H beam (welded or hot rolled)
    Purlin:C purlin (C120-320) or Z Purlin (Z100-200)
    Bracing:Tie bar, lateral bracing, column bracing, knee bracing, etc
    Bolt:Normal bolt, high strength bolts, Galvanized bolt 
    Roof & wall:Sandwich panel, steel corrugated sheet
    Door:Sliding door , rolling shutter
    Window:PVC window, aluminum-alloy Window
    Accessories:Skylight, ventilation, downpipe and galvanized gutter etc .
  • Prefabricated steel structure cinema building

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    I beam
    Hot rolled ordinary joist steel, also called steel beam, is strip steel with I-shape section.
    Hot rolled I-shape beams can be divided into common i-steel and light beams.
    Common i-steel
    Main purpose: Ordinary beams are widely used in various building structures, Bridges, vehicles, support and machinery, etc.
    Light beams
    Flange of common i-steel and light beams are gradually becoming thinner from root to the edge with certain angle. Compared with ordinary beams, hot rolling light beams has wider leg and thinner waist in same wait height conditions. Guaranteed the bearing capacity, the light beams have better stability, metal saving and better economic effect than ordinary beams.
    Main use: The same with ordinary beams, it is mainly used in factories, Bridges and other large structures and vehicle manufacturing, etc.