• Case Number : PSP


Polyurethane panel takes the polyurethane as core material. Except having the same characteristics of the EPS sandwich panel, the Pu sandwich panel possesses the features of being nonflammable, wide range of service temperatures. The core material application temperature is 196℃~+130℃, the instant service temperature reaches +200℃. When used in low temperature environment, PU sandwich panel is small shrinkage and non-brittle.Therefore, it is the ideal constructive heat-insulating material for cold storage. Except that, PU sandwich panel has the advantages of being of non-toxic, non-corrosiveness, stable heat conductivity. The panel is extensively used as roof tile, wall body, ceiling and partition wall of steel structure workshop and prefabricated house.

Componetof PU sandwich panel: Double color steel sheet+Polyurethane

PU sandwich panel:Steel thickness:      0.3mm~0.7mm;
                                    Sandwich thickness:  50mm ~250mm
                                    Availability width:     950mm、1150mm
                                    Availability length:    by customized


1)The weight is light:the weight of per square meter PU sandwich panel is only 10~14 kg.

2)Heat reserve and insulate performance is good: thermal conductivity λ=0.0175 KW/m.h.℃.The fireproofing Grade:B1,B2.

3)The connection is reasonable and convenient:

    A. PU sandwich roof panel adopts two buckles to connect, avoid the leaking from the roof, and save the use of fittings.

    B.PU sandwich wall panel adopts the male and female side to joint together, the looking is good, save the fittings, and easy to install.