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Steel architectural design elements

Steel structure building system is more and more concerned about in recent years, the building system, because of its green, beautiful appearance, short construction cycle, good seismic performance, suitable for different environments, has been more and more by architects and structures Engineers of all ages, concrete and masonry structures dominate the world situation is changing.

Steel products in the construction of large-span space structure, light steel door structure, multi-storey and small high-rise residential area is growing, the field of application continues to expand. From the capital International Airport, the 2008 Olympic Games venues facilities, steel residential construction practice point of view, the development of steel structures industry and the market momentum is growing, more and more structural designers need to get involved in the field of steel structure design.


Steel structure design commonly used software

1. Light steel structure design commonly used PKPM-STS;

2. Steel truss design commonly used SFCAD or MST;

3. Truss steel structure design commonly used 3D3S.

There are many design software, each have their own focus, choose one or two can be. Not all structures require the use of software:

(1) A typical steel structure construction  can be found in mechanical manuals such as direct access to internal force and deformation of the tool book;

(2) The simple structure is analyzed by hand;

(3) complex structure need modeling operation procedures and do a detailed structural analysis.

The first step: to determine whether the structure is suitable for steel -------- Steel structure is usually used for high-rise, large span, complex body size, load or crane lifting capacity, greater vibration, required to be active or often loaded Demolition of the structure. Intuitively said: the building, gymnasium, opera house

The second step: the structure selection and structural layout --------- Structure selection and layout is the qualitative structure, due to its wide range of involved, it should be under the guidance of experienced engineers. In the whole process of steel structure design should be emphasized that "conceptual design

The third step: Estimated section -------- After the structural layout, the initial assessment of the cross-section of the component. The main assumption is the cross-section shape and size of beam columns and supports. Steel beams can choose the channel, such as rolling or welding H-beam section

Step 4: Structural Analysis ----------- Typical Structures Tools such as Handbook of Mechanics can directly obtain internal forces and deformations; simple structures are analyzed by hand calculations; complex structures require modeling and operating procedures And do a detailed structural analysis

Step Five: Engineering judgment ----------- Correct use of structural software, but also the output of the "engineering judgment." For example, to evaluate the cycle, total shear, deformation characteristics

Step Six: Component Design ---------- Component design is the first choice of materials, more commonly used is Q235 and Q345. When the strength of the control role, you can choose Q345; stable control, should use Q235

Step Seven: Node Design ----------- The design of connecting nodes is one of the most important elements in the design of steel structures. In the structural analysis, it should be on the form of nodes have full consideration and determination. According to different transmission characteristics, node points just access, articulated and semi-rigid connection. Beginners should choose a simple quantitative analysis of the first two.


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