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Light steel structure building fire

Steel corrosion is a relatively slow process. It is a kind of destruction caused by the watch and the inside. It is easy to directly observe it, so it is often taken seriously. The fire is a sudden event. Precautionary measures, if not a fire, may be expensive investment will never play a role. And then because the steel structure itself will not burn, so on the surface light steel structure should have good fire performance. As a result, people tend to harbor luck, ignoring the importance of fire prevention. In fact, poor fire protection ability is just a weakness of light-weight steel structure construction. If a steel structure encounters a fire, once the fire reaches a certain temperature in the surrounding environment, the steel member will lose 80% of the mechanical strength in an instant, causing the building The collapse. 9.11 terrorist incident, the United States of China International Trade Building, Gemini Tower instant collapse, it is because of the fire caused by the loss of strength of the steel structure. There are also many cases of collapse of steel structures building caused by fire in China, such as Tianjin Gymnasium Fire, Shanghai Cultural Square Fire, Beijing Friendship Fire and so on, so fire and corrosion protection are indispensable in light steel structure protection and even Fire protection is more important than anti-corrosion.

Light steel structure of fire-fighting processes and basic requirements and anti-corrosion treatment is similar but only its last step, the construction of fire retardant coating must be installed in the steel structure, the scene brushing.

Fire treatment is divided into rust (shot blasting / sandblasting) →primer →primer →paint coating fire several construction steps, the middle of the paint can be omitted in some places. Rust and anti-rust primer coating steps are generally completed in the factory prefabricated, fire-retardant coating to be installed in the construction site after the steel structure brushing.

At present, there are many prefabricated building suppliers of fire retardant coatings, the construction level is not the same, the management is rather chaotic, and there is a lack of unified testing standards and management and supervision mechanisms. The management of the fire department is only an administrative system. There is no standardized technical inspection means and strict Quality assessment ability. As a result, the domestic fire retardant coating products generally have several problems such as low fire resistance, easy falling off, poor decorativeness, poor durability and the like, and there is a big gap compared with foreign similar products.



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