• Large span steel structure Large span steel structure

Large span steel structure

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  • Model Number : Steel structure LSSS
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Large span steel structure


Steel shall be furnished according to the following specifications. Unless otherwise specified, structural carbon steel shall be furnished.
A. Carbon Steel: Structural carbon steel for bolted or welded construction shall conform to, AASHTO M270 (ASTM A709) grade 36 (grade 250).
B. Eyebars: Steel for eyebars shall be of a weldable grade. These grades include structural steel conforming to Structural Steel, AASHTO M270 (ASTM A709) grade 36 (grade 250) or
AASHTO M270 (ASTM A709) grade 50W (grade 345W) with supplemental requirement S3 of AASHTO M270 grade 50W (grade 345W) mandatory.

1. The detail material for the steel structure

The steel structure material is included the H section,I section,Square tube,Circular Tube,Floor decking steel sheet,C section,Z section,Angle iron , Steelbar ,Steel plate.


1)There are various types of H-beam,including:The flange wide type (HW),The flange middle type (HM),The narrow flange type (HN),Thin-wall h-beam type (HT),H section steel pile type (HU)

2)About H section steel

H type steel is an economic efficient section material with optimized cross section area allocation and more reasonable ratio of strength to weight. It named because of its letter "H" cross section,Because its different parts are of orthogonal configuration, h-beam has advantage of good bending capacity, simple construction, cost saving and structure light weight etc., has been widely used.


Main structure

Steel Welded H Section


C Section Channel or Z Section Channel

Roof Cladding

Sandwich Panel or Corrugated Steel Sheet with Fiber Glass Wool Coil

Wall Cladding

Sandwich Panel or Corrugated Steel Sheet

Tie Rod

Circular Steel Tube


Round Bar

Column & Transverse Brace

Angle Steel or H Section Steel or Steel Pipe

Knee Brace

Angle Steel

Roof Gutter

Color Steel Sheet


PVC Pipe


Sliding Sandwich Panel Door or Metal Door


PVC/Plastic Steel/Aluminum Alloy Window


High Strength Bolts


Can be loaded into 40ft'GP/HQ/OT, or 20 ft'container.


We can make the design and quotation according to your requirement or your drawing

3. Transportation

Steel structure is mainly composed of steel column, steel beam, steel frame and the rigid support and so on, so steel structure component volume is larger, The mainly transportation for export is as follow:

1)40'HQ and 40'open top container

In general, after customer order, our engineering technology department design the steel structures will be according to the 40 'HQ and 40' open top container inside size to design the shipment, in most cases, we use 40 'HQ and 40' open top shipping container shipment to pack steel structures.




2)Break bulk

At special circumstances, some large construction size will be more than 40 'HQ and 40' open top containers internal dimensions, we suggest customer use trucks, flatbed trailer etc to transport the large construction component to the pier from the factory, then ship by port lifting, so while booking space,customers should book the break bulk. We will cooperate with the customer to provide them the size and weight of the goods, in order to book a reasonable space.


When components are shipped to the site, due to various reasons of transport may cause component deformation (generally for bending, damage to the paint film, etc.), can be in the scene to correct, at present the correction method is generally divided into cold straightening and hot straightening.

For bending component, do the mechanical gagging with oil pump, also can use flame (C2H2 and pure oxygen mixed) to the hot straightening, after correction, the paint film that damaged must be repaired.


Steel floor construction with different ground roughness
In order to determine the ground roughness, first determine the surface 45 ° fan-shaped area of the roughness, a variety of ground rough The category is defined as follows: Surface roughness Category B: Urban and suburban areas, forest areas, or other obstacles with many obstacles
Area, the size of the obstacle, such as single-family residential or larger, and close to each other. Ground roughness category C: Open area with a single obstacle with a height less than 9.1 m. This category includes flat, open villages and grasslands.Ground roughness category D: plain, directly exposed to the barrier-free coastal areas blowing from the open water. This category includes muddy, saline and uninterrupted ice.



STMF designed in accordance with these provisions are expected to provide significant inelastic deformation capacity within a special segment of the truss. STMF shall be limited to span lengths between columns not to exceed 65 ft (20 m) and overall
depth not to exceed 6 ft (1.8 m). The columns and truss segments outside of the special segments shall be designed to remain elastic under the forces that can be generated by the fully yielded and strain-hardened special segment.
Special Segment
Each horizontal truss that is part of the SFRS shall have a special segment that is located between the quarter points of the span of the truss. The length of the special segment shall be between 0.1 and 0.5 times the truss span length. The length-todepth ratio of any panel in the special segment shall neither exceed 1.5 nor be less than 0.67.


The normal use of the limit state is designed to ensure the suitability of the structure. The specification requires the structural system and the corresponding members shall have sufficient rigidity to limit their deflection, lateral displacement, vibration, and other possible effects
Structure of the normal use and beautiful deformation.
Design should be considered due to differences in the underlying settlement, temperature changes, humidity changes, shrinkage, creep, etc. It is similar to the factors that cause the structure of the external deformation or constraints.

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