how to fix up steel structure bar

At this time Z-shaped steel sand bar of the oblique bar need to be set in the roof, while the curling groove purlins are required to be located in the eaves. In order to take into account the two cases the wind load area or in the eaves and roof are set at the oblique bar or the cross bar and the oblique pull are made both tensile and pressure bearing rigidity Pole.
Bar is usually made of round bar that diameter should not be less than 10mm. When the wind pressure under the flange pressure the roof should be directly with the self-tapping screw connected with the purlins and pull the bar should be located in the vicinity of the lower flange.
Real purlin can be connected through the purlin and the frame, purlin can be made of angle steel and steel plate and along the purlins height direction layout. The purpose of the purlin is to prevent the reverse of the cross section of the purlin to enhance its overall stability.
The cross-sectional area required for the drawing is calculated:
According to the characteristics of force purlin should be two-way bending components for internal force calculation and cross-section design.
purlin In the internal force analysis, the internal force calculation and the arrangement of the bar. When the layout of one or two pull, the horizontal load qx under the action of two or three spans continuous beam calculation.
Strip arrangement should take into account the impact of wind load. Actual force to calculate the strip section and to meet the warehouse steel structure requirements.

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