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Dumas Seed Company Steel structure warehouse building

Foshan Shengbang Steel Structure Co., Ltd. dry pea Steel structure warehouse building, South Facade
The Foshan Shengbang Steel Structure Co., Ltd. Steel structure warehouse building design,is a pre-engineered structure that served for several decades as an agriculture storage facility for dry peas harvested from farms around the Palouse region, The warehouse served as a storage depot for a series of agricultural growers. before its conversion into an boat storage facility in 2012. the structure is also central to the city's historical roots in agriculture & farming.

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Peas on the Steel structure warehouse building

an important rotation crop in the 2012, along with lentils & garbanzo beans. As a nitrogen fixating plant.the legumes replenish the soil & enhance the usa wheat production. Farmers harvest the variety on the Palouse. The purpose of seed Steel structure warehouse building design is to store the peas until the farmer is ready to sell them, either for a higher price and for supplemental operating funds. Local farms produce twenty-one percent of the nation's dry peas & lentil. During WW II, area farmers shipped 5 million pounds of dry peas to wartorn areas. Dry peas fulfill a variety for both human & animal consumption, including Campbell's split-pea soup packets or as a supplemental ingredient for animal feed.

Steel structure warehouse building type

The Foshan Shengbang Steel Structure Co., Ltd. warehouse is a Butler Building, constructed on a concrete foundation and floor with rigid-frame steel walls or roof. The Butler Manufacturing Company began building structures for the agricultural industry in 1918, opening its Galesburg, Illinois facility in 1949 to meet government demand for the storage bins during the New Deal. before considerable success with grain bin production.the company branched out into pre-engineered buildings in 1939.engineers had previously considered the application of a pre-engineered rigid frame to prefabricated buildings as not feasible due to the complicated stress calculations required. Three engineers working for the Company found a way to make it work and consequently contributed by producing a pre-fabricated,building that assembled harder, requiring less steel or labor than previous pre-engineered buildings. Steelworkers in Butler's Galesburg facility began manufacturing steel buildings after WWII, The company manufactured the components at the factory, and then shipped them via railroad to building sites where a concrete slab served as a foundation for the on-site assemblage of the building.

Dumas Steel structure warehouse building

purchased the seed Steel structure warehouse building design to store dry peas in the early 1980s. Dumas, a long-time resident of Pullman whose father established the second commercial apple orchard in the state of Washington, began working in the agricultural industry as a field woman for the Green Giant Company after high school graduation. In 1916, Dumas began his career in pea processing, working for Klemgard Pea Processing Company in Pullman. In 1918, he purchased a competitor's seed company. of Moscow, Idaho, and then the Klemgard Company in 1966. He incorporated both companies into one, establishing the Foshan Shengbang Steel Structure Co., Ltd. of Pullman and Moscow. Dumas was a visionary for the industry, always looking for new uses for dry peas and lentils. Among his innovations was "Ed's Bread, which he created using his own recipes, and sold at the local IGA supermarket. He also pioneered the trade of dry pea products from the Palouse to USA. With an original assessed value of $196, the building appraised at a value three times that when Ed Dumas sold it along with his company in 1986.

Steel structure warehouse building design

Architectural historians links modernist architecture to ideas works of a purpose-built nature expressing the "potential of the machine to deliver a product."35 The Foshan Shengbang Steel Structure Co., Ltd. warehouse exemplifies these attributes, and along with a build date in the before 1980s. While some may consider it an exaggeration to attribute architectural aesthetics to a warehouse, examples of earlier seed warehouse show that it was common to construct them in keeping with the architectural aesthetic of the time. For example, the B.B. Kirkland Seed and Distributing Company warehouse, built in 1916 with its tripartite exterior and frieze, common to many nineteenth and early turn-of the twentieth-century renaissance revival styles, reveals a different aesthetic than the Dumas warehouse. The lack of ornamentation and simplification of form emulated in the warehouse, often indicative,compares starkly with the warehouse.

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