Different projects of large-span steel construction points, what is a reasonable design?-02

Overall slip construction technology


The key issue in the construction of long-span steel structures is the stability of the structure before the formation of the whole space. The sliding construction technology utilizes the traction equipment capable of controlling the synchronization, and the structure which is divided into several stable bodies is horizontally moved from the assembling position to the designed position along a certain track, which can well solve the problem. However, the use of the structure should pay attention to the structural stiffness of the out-of-plane, the need to lay the track, multi-point pull synchronization difficult to control characteristics.

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Enhance the overall construction technology


The technology through the hydraulic jack as a power equipment, according to the requirements of the lifting force at each operation point, a number of hydraulic jacks and hydraulic valve group, pump station, etc. into a hydraulic jack cluster, and synchronized movement under the control of the computer to ensure that upgrade or shift The process of large-scale structure of a stable, balanced load.


High-altitude construction without support assembly technology


High-altitude block expansion unit without support assembly technology, construction principle is: the rational structure of the system segment, select the lifting order, the construction process without having to set up a support platform, the use of structural rigidity to form a stable unit, The final formation of the overall structure.



Quality control measures, the construction process, the need to pay attention to the following questions.


Installation accuracy control


Due to the measurement and control of steel structure construction as a part of the construction technology, the rationality and advanced nature of the construction scheme of the steel structure are analyzed and analyzed from a large amount of measurement and control data and the information is confirmed and confirmed. For large-span steel structures, due to the great difference in deformation and stress state during the construction process and after forming, it is necessary to utilize a variety of supporting tire racks to ensure the structural accuracy.



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